Mission Two: Choose Your Own Adventure

Let’s face it. The learning programs in schools can be spectacular. But for some kids, sometimes, they just don’t hit the mark of what they’d prefer to be learning about. Often, some kids are not even sure what they could be learning about.

That’s where these LASER Literacy learning projects come in.


Because quite simply, why not?

Together with your child in our first MISSION CLASSIFIED session, we will decide on a topic and skills that your child is interested in and would like to work on. This will be our MISSION PROPOSAL and part of it will be to decide on a projection completion timeline. In our MISSION UNDERWAY sessions we get to work. We are on a mission, so we work like the life of the planet depends on it. On completion of our project, we will be ready for MISSION TAKEOFF. And we will probably have to present our work to MISSION CONTROL, but in this case, it’s more like those at the top of the family tree…