Mission One: Literacy and Numeracy Support

LASER Literacy offers literacy and numeracy support services for primary aged students. We are not a one sized fits all model – we teach to need and take the time to find the most appropriate way forward for each child, without stress.

In your space, or in ours, in coordination with or separate from your school, during the week or on weekends, we develop relationships first. From this, we make learning accessible, fun and enjoyable by planning personalised and engaging learning programs, with targeted skills. We evaluate and make changes when necessary so that we are consistently reducing the gaps and strengthening other capabilities. We provide necessary feedback and encourage, encourage and encourage. And we celebrate every ounce of progress. Absolutely, every ounce of progress. Sometimes with a laser pointer. Other times with a chocolate chip cookie or a jump on a trampoline. We do what it takes.

Your child counts – we listen and value your child’s experiences and take into account their own learning goals and ideas. We partner with parents and caregivers to work together so that in a variety of contexts your child can develop the skills to be an active learner and a valued contributor. We don’t rush, we teach literacy and numeracy skills systematically and explicitly, striving for automaticity before moving on. No shortcuts.

We strive for each child to feel successful and to know that they too can contribute and be an active part of the world. And not just because it sounds super catchy and what parents or caregivers want to hear, but because it’s true. Each and every person has the right to know that they matter, that their contributions matter, that they are enough. Literacy and numeracy skills are an essential part of enabling this to happen.